Equestrian International Academy

Want to become the next Champion?

White queen equestrian centre
Minka Liebenberg & Onduno Sytoki


What we offer to reach this goal:


At Equestrian International Academy, we focus on reaching your competitive goals. Both athletes receive focus-based training in order to be the best athlete they are capable of being. 

  1. Structured, goal orientated lessons with our resident trainer Anuchka Anderson who is currently competing in the 1.35m.
  2. Clinics with top South African and international trainers and riders in South Africa.
  3. On site gym, focussing on developing the correct muscles of the riders.
  4. Personal diets for the horses developed by an equine nutritionist.
  5. Sport Horse Veterinary team
  6. Tack shop on site
  7. 5-star facilities
  8. Show service
  9. Full show turnout, tail and mane plaiting
  10. Professionally trained grooms with truck licenses



Jana Joubert, Andile, Godfrey & Minka Liebenberg
At Equestrian International Academy, we take the well-being of our horses, grooms and riders seriously. We are a smoothed run, service-based yard who understands the service a competitive rider needs. Our grooms adore their horses and is trained to tack up, lunge and cope at away shows. We allow you to study and still be a competitive rider.  We are not only a yard that is focussed on home service, but you will have a yard that travels with you to shows. Our grooms will get your tack and your horses ready for shows.  We are a professional at shows which removes the stress from you and in turn helps you excel at shows.


Krack van den Overweg winning the Mistico Grand Prix

Anuchka Anderson winning the 1.30m Indoor Mistico Grand Prix in 2020



  • 18 Barn Stables
  • 18 Grass paddocks
  • 9 Holding Paddocks
  • Stallion equipped stables
  • 80x 60m Jumping arena (suitable for 1.60m)
  • 23x60m Dressage Arena
  • High fenced 20m lunge ring
  • Professionally trained grooms for every 4 horses
  • Competition Standard jumping Equipment
  • Indoor wash bay with hot and cold water
  • Cloak room facilities
  • Secure tackroom
  • Pilates and Yoga room with professional instructors
  • 24hr CCTV surveillance 
  • 40m x 60m jumping indoor to be finished in 2022


White Queen Equestrian Centre takes second place
Hannah Pearce 2nd in the Mistico Indoor Grand Prix at 80cm

What is happening at the yard

  • Install our new solarium
  • Add a Vitafloor, treadmill and hydrospa to our facilities 
  • Start with indoor training shows

Where to find us for 2022... 

5 March 2022- SDRC Showjumping Show

12 March 2022- NRC Showjumping Show

18-22 March 2022- Mistico Junior Showjumping Champs


2 April 2022- Mistico Showjumping Show

10 April 2022- SDRC Showjumping Show

30 April 2022- Mistico Showjumping Show


14 May 2022- NRC Showjumping Show

28 May 2022- SDRC Showjumping Show


16-19 June 2022- Shongweni FEI World Cup qualifier

1-6 July 2022- Shongweni SA Youth Champs

13-17 July 2022- Blouberg SA Adult Showjumping Champs


6-9 August 2022- Shongweni World Cup qualifier

20 August 2022- NRC Showjumping Show

26-28 August- George RC WC Adult Showjumping Champs


3 September 2022- SDRC Showjumping Show

10 September 2022- NRC Showjumping Show


1 October 2022- SDRC Showjumping Show

5-9 October 2022- SA Derby KPC


5 November 2022- NRC Showjumping Show

19 November 2022- SDRC WC Adult Champs

26-27 November 2022- Mistico Indoor Grand Prix