The secret of a Butet Saddle

Have you ever looked at a Butet saddle and wondered, what model is this?

The secret with Butet is that the saddles don’t have different model names. A Butet stays a Butet. The secret lies within the serial number. A Butet saddle is fine and elegant and poses minimalism. Which suggests “less is more”.

I want a  Butet but where do I start?

At Equi Boutique we provide you with 3 choices. You can order a Butet saddle customized to your liking, you can buy a Butet saddle that fits your horse and yourself off the shelf, or you can get a demo saddle if available.

The options available to you as a Butet buyer:

1. The Gullet or Arch

The gullet of the Butet saddle can be narrow, standard or wide.


2. The panels

The panels can be wool, foam panels or s-panels. You also have the option to have integrated panels which gives your leg an even closer contact feel.


3. Tree size

The tree size depends both on the horse and the rider. Some horses cannot take a tree size bigger than what their bodies allow. The tree sizes start at 16” incrementing with 0.5” up to 19”.

4. Tree width

The width of your tree is a very important aspect which many saddles do not take into account. The width of a Butet saddle tree will depend on whether the rider is a lady or a man.


5. Seat type

The type of seat which determines the shape of the tree will have an effect on how the saddle fits on your horse. However the type of seat is determined by the riders preferences. Butet saddles comes in 4 different seat types. Flat Seat, Semi-Flat, Semi-deep and deep seat.

6. Flap Size

The Butet flaps can be cut away up to 3cm and lengthened up to 4cm

7. Knee Blocks

The knee blocks on a Butet can be customised according to the amount of support the rider wishes to have. Some riders prefer to have as little as possible restriction and others prefer more support to keep them in the saddle. For this Butet designed 5 different knee blocks which riders can choose from. Small(2cm), Standard(2.5cm), Large(3cm), XLarge(3.5cm), XXLarge(4.5cm).


8. Channel Width

The width of the channel is the distance between the panels of the saddle. Horses who is fine boned is recommended to have a 7cm channel and more bulky horses will have a 9cm channel. A wider channel reduces pressure on the spine and lumbar facet joints.

9. Leather Options

Premium Calf Leather or Premium Grained Leather.

Leather colour can be the original Gold, Cachou or Black.

The tannery which tans the Butet leather is the original tannery since 1986. The premium leather is full flower which ensures that the leather is alive and restores itself when getting scuff marks. The longevity of a Butet saddle is in the promise of quality and consistency.

The grained leather option is advisable for a professional rider, riding 10 horses a day with the same saddle.


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