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Kentucky Magnetic Recuptex Technology

. RECUPTEX We’ve created a brand new range of products that not only help treat numerous medical problems but also help to prevent a verse area of ailments. Commonly used by professionals and serious amateurs alike, the Kentucky Horsewear Recuptex range is a tack room and first aid essential unlike any other currently on the market place. The Recuptex range is created from a patented 21st century fabric called Recuptex. Made from the finest stainless steel yarn in the world based on Bekaert BEKINOX© technology*, the weaving acts like a Faraday cage, reflecting the magnetic fieldscreated inside the body. Preserving these fields stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow in the horses’ legs which heals and both reduces swelling and inflammations and enables faster healing...

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Lami-Cell Ventex 22 Boot

Innovative Neoprene – exclusive patented design Patent no : EP 3 225 390 B1US 10,517,271 B2 .  Standard neoprene with jersey lining .  Holds in heat and does not wick away moisture   .  Ventex 22 with the patent neoprene coolite function and embossed channeling .  Moisture applied to interior of the Ventex 22 material, 3 seconds after moisture was applied it was completely absorbed As bad as heat can be for a horse’s skin, protection is also crucial. Lami-Cell’s Ventex 22 is adapting a human medical grade fabric that is also durable and resilient.The compressive quality of this fabric provides 360 degrees of optimum support and protection. This revolutionary non-toxic neoprene with quick-dry for heat dissipation & breathability is...

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ONLINE EASTER EGG MADNESS 🐰 It is time to be a kid again in a 21st century world 🌍 Start finding your eggs and be one step closer to the Online Easter Egg Hunt Grand Prize Set your alarm for 9am each morning 💞Dates: 30 March 2021-6 April 2021                          

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