John Whitaker SS Gag Bit
John Whitaker SS Gag Bit
John Whitaker SS Gag Bit

John Whitaker SS Gag Bit

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Metalab John Whitatker SS gag bit, coated in soft leather. Only comes in 13.5cm

Our new MASTERPIECE that is being added to our bit collection.
The John Whittaker bit is designed for horses with a sensitive mouth that keeps playing with the bit. The leather mouthpiece encourages horses to accept the bit and salivate more.
There is a very fine line between a horse that plays with the bit and a horse that is trying to relieve pressure in his mouth at certain pressure points.
If your horse is doing one of the following is is a clear indication that his current bit is not suited for him and casuing pressure and is actually not fidling with his bit
-Going behind the bit
-Lifting his head all the way up
- Opening his mouth trying to drop the bit
-Pulling his tongue back behind the bit
-Over Salivating and not swolling the saliva produced
- Not Salivating at all
- Tilting his head to the left
- Opening his mouth on downwards transitions
-Popping out on an uphill transition
-Crossing his jaws
-Not wanting to hold the bit and ride into the contact
A bit is more important than a saddle. It gives you all the tools you need to have an ultra adjustable horse.
At Equi Boutique we spescialise in bit and saddle fittings. Numerous ocassions we go out on bit fittings but then the saddle is causing some of the issues seen above. Proper fitting tack allowing your horses the ultimate freedom when doing his job is your key to success