Gustav Optenplatz Thrush Buster

Gustav Optenplatz Thrush Buster

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is an extremely effective special lotion for permanent care of hoof beam and sole.

Malodorous areas and muddy areas are regenerated and disappear.

The horn remains breathable and elastic. THRUSH BUSTER does not stick and clog the horn pores. Due to the horn-strengthening effect, the hoof horn becomes firm and clean after just a few days.

 It creates a natural protection from all influences such as moisture or irritant manure. Even difficult to reach areas of the hoof can be safely protected with THRUSH BUSTER.

 Due to its fluid consistency, this special lotion also penetrates to these places and unfolds its effect there.



Wear gloves during use!

Very economical to use!

Do not get on horse-skin!

WITHOUT PRESSURE ON THE BOTTLE, let the liquid drip onto the thrush and sole with pinpoint accuracy.

In moist places, apply to hoof or blast 1-2 times a week.