Gustav Optenplatz Thrush Protector gel

Gustav Optenplatz Thrush Protector gel

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Thrush-Fit Protector


is a thrush cleaner for the hooves of horses suffering from blight. Germs in the hoof area can be easily removed by the applied application. Thrush-Fit Protector penetrates deep into the beam horn and forms a barrier against rotten pathogens.




penetrates deep into the beam horn

forms a barrier against new rotten pathogens

fights off smelling odors

contributes to the regulation of the moisture

balance of damaged hoovesvery

easy to apply with extra thin spray

attachment penetrates deep into the thrush furrows

with moisturizing substances and provitamin B5


Strahl-Fit protector spray is particularly suitable:


as a means of blasting and hoof cleaning

for additional treatment of acute blight

for the application-related prevention of an infestation of the hoof

to assist the treatment of blasting by the blacksmith or veterinarian

for ray, hoof sole and "white line"


The product can be used daily and thus helps to prevent blight.