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Estride Harmony is a pressure sensing mat specifically designed to measure the distribution of pressure exerted by saddle and rider on horses’ back. It can be used to check saddle fit, analyse riding techniques influence on saddle fit and analyse the riding technique separately. Harmony is the only pressure mat that is able to extract and analyse pressure data caused by the saddle and pressure caused by the rider separately.  

Harmony allows the saddle fitter to assess a saddles fit statically (when the horse is standing square) and dynamically when the horse is moving with and without the rider.

Harmony provides real-time (record mode) data with riding data recording frequency of 5Hz.  It can gather pressure data through all paces whilst unridden or under saddle. An In-depth analysis of your riding technique vs impact on the your horses’ stride and pressure on the horses back is also available.


Estride harmony saddle fitting

  • 920 sensors – Harmony’s matrix of 920 pressure points give you accurate distribution of force of the saddle on horses’ back.
  • Multi point automated saddle check – Automatic checks for Pressure on Spint, Left vs Right Pressure, Front vs Back pressure and Overall Pressure Distribution
  • Check Saddle Fit – Know what is happening under the saddle. Tiny sensors covering the entire mat, placed under the saddle helps identify inconsistencies in saddle fitting and assist you in choosing the correct saddle or fit for your horse. Could help you compare saddle fit for different saddles for you to choose the correct saddle for your horse.
  • Real-Time Record Mode – Real-time record mode allows data to be captured with the horse is ridden, this can be used later to analyse the effects of various transitions at various gaits. Data is captured at a 200-millisecond frequency.
  • Instant Mode – Allows you to wirelessly view the pressure map on your mobile or tablet. This mode can be used for static analysis. This is limited to bluetooth range and is not advised to be used when riding.


  • Adjustable Pressure Resolution – Adjust pressure resolution in to see even the slightest of the pressure.

  • Advanced Analytics – Seamless integration with ESTRIDE Balance & Precision. It can give you analysis of pressure on the horses’ back and the effect of the pressure to the stride of the horse.

  • Wireless transmission – Data is transmitted wirelessly using Bluetooth both in instant and real-time mode.

  • Anytime, Anywhere – Your real-time data stored on your MyEstride (personal cloud portal), accessible from mobile, laptop or computer on demand.


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